Novels by Meagan Dux 

The Rise of Delilah (April 2017)


21-year-old Perth native Delilah Walker has the world at her feet, a loving family, and a devoted boyfriend. But she is missing one thing; her father. 


Delilah goes on an unstoppable journey to find him, but she soon realises that finding him comes at a cost, and now she must decide if she is willing to pay the ultimate price to locate the person she needs more than anything.



Cover design courtesy of Dani from Orlando Media.  


The Miracle of Delilah (2018)


Delilah Walker seemed to be the 21-year-old who had it all. Her dreams were coming true, and Delilah was surrounded by people who wanted nothing more than to see her succeed and be happy.


Now Delilah has lost it all, and she has made a costly decision. Her once close family must stand by her side and help her fight through her toughest battle yet. Can they save her? Or has Delilah’s rise run out?


The epic conclusion to Meagan’s debut novel, The Rise of Delilah, coming late 2018.  


Cover design courtesy of Dani from Orlando Media.  ​​

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