The Kai Eardley Foundation book special 

Mental health is something I'm very passionate about. I've struggled with my own mental health battles and it nearly claimed my life. Unfortunately, mental health is killing more Australian's every single day. 


In 2016, 20-year-old Kai Eardley took his own life after battling his mental health. Since then Kai's family have worked tirelessly with Kai’s girlfriend, Jasmyn, to help other young people who may be experiencing the same things that Kai was experiencing. This is very close to my heart and I’m absolutely honoured to be able to help out. Even if you don’t want to buy a novel, please consider donating to this amazing cause, every dollar truly does help. We need to do more for mental health, and this is just the beginning. Be sure to check out the Kai Eardley Foundation here.


I offer a couple of options in my bid to help raise funds for KEF. For $30 (this includes shipping) you can get a signed copy of ONE of my novels (The Rise of Delilah or The Miracle of Delilah) with half of each sale being donated to the Kai Eardley Foundation. My other option is a combo special. For $55 (this includes shipping) you can get both copies of my novel, personalised and signed. Again, half of this will be donated. 


The KEF is a Fremantle Based charitable fund which helps promote mental health education in WA schools. They have already raised close to $80,000, but we need to come together and fight for better mental health systems now before we lose even more beautiful people like Kai.  


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