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I'm back!

March 18, 2019


Hello friends!


I'm back, with an overdue blog post! I inadvertently managed to take a break from author life. I hadn't planned on another break so soon (I took some time off over Christmas), but I now realise it was probably a good thing. 


The end of 2018 was rough. I had a pretty severe fall and ended up ripping the main ligament in my ankle (along with a ton of other damage, good job Meagan!). I'm working on my rehab and trying to not re-injure it so I can avoid surgery, but only time will tell. Other than that my family and I were excited for December to finally roll around, my older brother was coming back home for Christmas (he moved to Sydney in September) and we were looking forward to some much-needed family time. Unfortunately, on Christmas Eve our beautiful 22-year-old cat, Jess, passed away. We knew she was going to pass sooner rather than later, but it still sucked. I held her in my arms right before she left this world behind and I'm glad she was with her family when she crossed over to the rainbow bridge. Christmas ended up being a pretty depressing day, we were all grieving. My brothers and I had grown up with Jess, she was such a beautiful cat and to spend 22 years of your life with her around to her suddenly not being there was an adjustment none of us were ready for. I guess in a way it was a little easier as we had prepared ourselves to say goodbye to her, but nothing can ever really take the pain away from losing a pet. And I know to some people cats and dogs (or any pet for that matter) are just seen as animals, but to people like me and my family, they're so much more. 


 Our beautiful Jess, adopted in 1996 and sadly passed away in 2018. 


After losing Jess I couldn't really focus on anything, which worked out well since I'd decided to take a break from author life anyway. But I really began to struggle. I wasn't sleeping, I couldn't concentrate on anything and I'd lost my passion for reading, writing and planning my 2019 goals. I had hit a brick wall and I was just stuck on the floor, desperately trying to get up. I ended up seeing my therapist a few times in one week, I was slipping further and further into my depression. And that's when my therapist suggested looking at getting an ESA (Emotional Support Animal). At first, I was having none of it, we had just lost Jess, I wasn't ready for another animal. And neither was my family. But after thinking about it and having an in-depth conversation with my therapist about what an ESA could do for me I began looking into adopting a kitten.


Now to most people it probably looked like I was trying to replace Jess, or that I was trying to ignore the fact she had died, but in all honesty, I was just not okay. I was having dark thoughts, and I was beginning to question if I should have just let them win. I needed something other than my author life to keep me going, I needed something to physically look after to give me a purpose and to keep me going, and that's when it happened.


I went to the Cat Haven (the same place we had adopted Jess from in 1996) and I looked at the kittens and cats. The first time I went I realised I couldn't do it, it made me think of Jess and I felt guilty for even considering getting another cat. I managed to work myself up enough to hold a kitten and it's then that I realised this was a good idea, but I needed to find the right cat.


A few weeks later I went back to the Cat Haven and I had my heart set on a little black and white guy when my mum called me over to a crate of kittens that had just been dropped off. There, inside the crate, were three little ginger kittens huddled together. One of the volunteers picked up the smallest one and handed him to me and when he snuggled into me I knew right then and there he was the one. And boy am I glad I listened to my mum and my heart. At the time he was named  Bob, and after spending 10 minutes cuddling him I knew he was coming home with me, so after I paid for his adoption fees my mum and I brought him home. I decided to change his name to Archie, and boy has he changed my life. 


Now I'm not going to go into the full story just yet, I'm planning on writing a blog on the kitten that came into my life and saved me (literally. Archie has literally saved my life), but for now, I'll attach some photos of him. 





I just took this photo of Archie, he loves sitting in my office with me while I work but he's currently in his naughty kitten phase so he pulled some of my stuff off the shelves and looked at me like this :P  (and don't worry, none of the cords on the floor are plugged in).



As for my author life, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things. I have some exciting things coming up, I'm working on the final edits for my third novel, I've begun writing book number four and I've been jotting down some new blog ideas as blogging is something I'd like to focus on this year. I have lots in store for 2019, so I'm hoping now that I'm back into my groove things will start to flow. Expect more content, more interaction and more books (yay!). 


I hope you've enjoyed this much-needed update, thanks for being so patient and sticking with me!


Until next time,


Meagan x 


"People with great passion can make the impossible happen." 


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